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Video Contest Event
by GM[Jack]

Video Contest! :D
*Starting 21.05.2018 and Ending 7.06.2018

Make Cool video with all features of server!

*Video can be maximun 10 Min
*Record Pking,Bossing,Npcs
*Use Video Text Editor to explain better things
*Name of Video need be - War Zone Online v2 -Ur char Name

1st 6k Imps
2nd 4k Imps
3rd 3k Imps

All other ppl who create video will get 2k Imps!

WZO Team!

Opening Features
by GM[Jack]

*Server Rates:
-Max Level 130
-Instant Level to 100
-x15 Drop Rate
-X100 Growth Rate
*Easy To Catch Up
*Max Pet Level:60
*New Quest-Story
*New Farming Ways
*Swings System Added

*How To Farm Money-You Can Farm money in DW 1,2 1m Per Mob or Money Isle[24/7],Also Visit Money Quest You have 3x Task also you can farm money in DS drop by mobs!
*Level Up-Instant to 100 then visit Leveling Quest and start lvl with exp pot to 130!

*How To Farm gems*
*Unq Gems in npc
*Ref Gems drop by Dw mobs
*Azz Card drop by all bosses and mod chest also u can get random voucher from ca chest
*War Chest [Mspd,Aspd] Drop by All bosses!

*Eq and Wep!
*Start items kylin,95 uns wep
*Grandious Set
*War Set[Mall,also can farm in game]

Join us! and lets start!!

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Server Rates

1x Solo
1x Party
15x Drop
100x Fairy

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