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WZO Events/Promo
by GM[Jack]

WZO Events!
[Event 1]

Donate Promotion

Duration: April 13th, 2018 - April 22th, 2018

Purchase any amount of IMPs during this time and you'll get Double!

[Event 2]

Donate Package

Duration: March 13th, 2018 - March 18th, 2018


* War Set / WZO Wep / Zone Ring / VIP Neck / Admiral Cloak / Wings = 170 USD

[Event 3]

Award Center Sale

Duration: April 13th, 2018 - April 22th, 2018

* Following Items *

- Dragon Pet

- Zone Neck

- King of Zone

- Queen of Zone

- Admiral Cloak

[Event 4]

Vote Promotion

Duration: April 13th, 2018 - April 22th, 2018

You will now obtain 150 credits from each successful vote instead of 100

[In Game Events]

*Saturday in 17.00 PM Server TIME

Hide & Seek Event (3x Rounds)

*Drop Event (3x Set Stall)

*Number Event (2x Rounds)

*Pvp Event
Hello On saturday after all this event will be 1v1 Event!
Fight will be in Arena-Bar
i will make tournament!

*Stealth Will be Disabled!
*No Flash Bomb,Bless
*Anyone Who try cheat will be kicked from event!
*There will be only 1x Winner

*Winner Reward- Grandious Set

*More Information you will know in game before Event Start Join it and dont miss it!!

WZO Team!

Update Log 13/4/2018
by GM[Jack]

Server Is Online!!
Updates Finished

*Cleric SP increased
*Voy Conch Increased
*Sm Def Increased
*Cruz Dodge Increased

*WZO Wepons in Mall
*PK Map open 24/7 so you can pk!
*Lone Tower Minimun Level to enter is 101
*New Upgrade System for War Set
*Many New Apparels,Colored Kylins,BD
*New Bossing map
*Godly Stone Added with this stone you can use Fuse your War Set

*Hell Chapter In Icicle[1339,581] Open everyday 12 PM/AM
*Near Port is Npc Guide so you can learn how this map working!

Use Auto Patcher for Update your Client and Join Game!!

April Updates
by GM[Jack]

April Updates Done!!
*Fixed stuff
*Fixed App Bug
*Fixed Angela in Award Center
*Fixed Vod Reward

Max Level is 130 Now!
*How To level Up to 130 Will be Put in Guide NPC![You need Exp Pot each pot will give you 1 lvl]
*Removed Circle Of Death
*New Pk Map Chaos War Open in Icicle Tele,New Chest Inside with good rewards
*Money Task Quest Back but with better reward if you finished 3x Task you will get 50m!
*Dark Swamp Open!
*Each Mob giving 400k gold and droping ref gem
*Chest Droping Money And Standard Novice
*DS Eq You can obtain in Start Item Npc

*Use Auto Patcher For Update your Client!!!

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